My Favorite Movies About Ecology

Ecology is a scientific field that focuses on how organisms interact with each other and also with the environment. For a long time, filmmakers have explored diverse environmental themes such as the disastrous results of resource mismanagement by man and fictitious ecological change on global or local scales due to human behavior. At times these themes form the core of the movie’s story. The best ones are where such aspects underlie a gripping narrative that discusses personal relationships, enriches our view on the human experience or challenges our perceptions about life. Here is a list of my favorite movies about ecology.

Sky Blue

This is a stunning, post-apocalyptic animated film(or anime) made in Korea that took seven years to make. It is set in the year 2142, and the earth’s atmosphere has been destroyed. An elite minority lives in Ecoban- a high tech city-and is served by the rest of the people who toil in the wasteland. This sets the stage for an explosive redistribution of wealth.

An Inconvenient Truth

This is arguably the most controversial film about the environment. It highlights Mr. Al Gore’s personal and lifelong commitment to reversing global climate change and interweaves it with the science behind global warming. This film presents a forthright case for supporting reduction of global warming, and yet it appears to polarize people on the topic. While it was tagged by some as unimaginative and boring, it is undeniably influential when it comes to discussing ecology and environmental sustainability.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

In this film, actor Keanu Reeves plays an alien who visits planet earth and judges humanity for harming and endangering other species we live with. The impeding retribution is however moderated by sentimentality between the antagonists.

The Cove

This film follows the efforts of Richard O’Barry (trainer of dolphins in the ��Flipper’ television series) to free dolphins held captive. He goes to a small town in Japan where people drive dolphins into a cove and either kill them for meat or sell them to aquariums. This film won an Oscar award, but it is not for the faint-hearted.


In this awe-inspiring epic, acclaimed film director James Cameron creates a stunning and vast alien world in which humans can study themselves. One outstanding and revolutionary stroke was to portray a US-army-like force that works under mining companies as the villain while an indigenous people who lead a simple and natural life as the heroes. It depicts the battle to save a mystic and mighty tree from falling at the hands of a greedy, vicious and militarized corporation. This mirrors our real world where the last natural places are getting torn by machines, piece by piece. The film was a critical success and was watched by a global audience of billions. It underscores the message that the time to take action against environmental destruction has come.


This is a visionary, hilarious and outstanding film by Walt Disney. It portrays an apocalyptic future with endless mountains of garbage, completely devoid of any life except an adorable and entertaining cockroach.

Erin Brockovich

This is a notable example of the genre of crossover environmental movies. It has an outstanding script and it is essentially a film about a malicious company contaminating the water supplies of a local community. Actress Julia Roberts delivers a smashing performance-so much so that it is not obvious to many moviegoers that the movie is basically about environmental advocacy.

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