My Favorite Movies About Travel

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a travel movie, and while the credits were accumulating, thought to yourself “How can I travel there right now?” Movies are a great way of inspiring, motivating and bringing to light some places in the world that are extremely unique.

My favorite movies make me travel to some distant places in an instant. When I am in my state of mind to explore the world but I can’t manage due to numerous obligations, I settle for the next great thing – grabbing my laptop computer, selecting any of my cherished travel movies and simply clicking “play.”

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is the movie I always watch when I am in the mood for visiting Rome. I’ve watched it several times and I am pleased with how the characters and the city itself lure me into returning there. Each and every scene is simply unforgettable. By all means, I’ll cherish my visit to Rome in memory as long as I stay alive.

Spanish Steps and Boca da Verita are highlighted in the movie. Isn’t that scene lovable? It’s very unfortunate that dating couples no longer behave like that, do they? Anytime I arrive in Rome, the first place I always think of visiting is the Mouth of Truth, but when I reach there, the long queue of art lovers and Roman holiday fans makes me back out. Ah, maybe at a future time.

Notting Hill

I’ve visited London several times but I’ve never been to Notting Hill. This movie has won my heart! Over and over, it’s not just the characters but also the location that makes me wonder how it feels to be in Notting Hill.

Everytime I go to London, I make it a requirement to visit bookstores, and particularly the small, unconventional ones just like William Thacker, Hugh Grant’s character had. I always can’t wait for the park scene where Hugh grant says, “whoopiedaisies.” I also love the bench (I wonder if it really exists)! Anyway, Notting Hill lured me into purchasing a bench! So, if you want to enjoy the London spirit, this is a movie to watch again and again.

The Sound of Music

This is one of my favorite movies about travel. I never get tired of watching each and every scene! Oh fine, when I was growing up, I would constantly skip the “Climb Every Mountain” section but I have leaned to enjoy it now.

All of the locations in the movie, starting with the opening scene always leave me breathless. Alright, Salzburg is really glorious! The Mirabell Gardens, Baroque Churches, the snow-covered mountains plus the songs never cease to amaze me. By the time the movie is coming to an end, I am in the mood to quickly pack my luggage, catch the next flight to Austria and travel through Europe from there!

To be honest, listing all the best travel movies that have ever been created is impossible because it simply depends on one’s taste. So keep it civil and fair, if there are other amazing travel movies besides this list, please watch them. I know that the list is very huge but would love to hear what your favorites are.

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