My Favorite Movies About Weather

Hurricane Sandy is still clear among the residents of the East Coast of America. This is one of the worst disaster stories ever imprinted in their minds. There is nothing as frustrating like the fact that extreme weather can strike anytime and nothing can be done to stop it. Instead such weather conditions come destroy properties and leave the residents in a state of helplessness. The following is my brief compilation of my favorite movies about weather:

  1. Twister (1996)

Twister makes my top list of favorite movies about weather. It is about a divorced couple who decide to throw their research on a destructive path of a Twister which was a colossal tornado. One of the things I liked about the movie is how the theme “Twister” was developed. This is not only seen in the tornado but also in the relationship of the protagonist. The visual effects of the film are also amazing and beyond what you would have expected from a film shot a decade ago. Tornadoes are usually not popular outside the United States hence most people out there are not sure what they should do in the advent of one. Lucky enough, with the technical, visual and audio aspect of Twister, you get to live out that flight of imagination and stay alive.

  1. The perfect storm

The perfect storm stared by George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg is based on Hurricane Grace ( a dying tropical hurricane from Bermuda) which collided with the cold front from the great lakes resulting into 100 foot waves and force winds in the Atlantic ocean. This was what was later renamed as the “Perfect Storm.” In the movie, the unusual intense storm catches a group of six fishermen heading east unaware and puts them in a mortal danger as they struggle to get back home.

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  1. Volcano

The movie stared by Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche is about a volcano that suddenly erupts at the heart of the city of Los Angeles and threatens to clear everything in the city. Jones who casts as Mike Roark is the head of the office responsible for Disaster Management or any other Emergency. At the time of the disaster, Mike had taken a vacation and he is forced to return. It was not long before Lava started flowing into the streets of Los Angeles. Mike works diligently to ensure that the Lava does not flow into the streets of Los Angeles. Instead, he guides the residents in obstructing and guiding it into the ocean. The creators of this movie make use of special effects of the larva to make it more thrilling and fascinating.

  1. The Day after Tomorrow

Produced by the creator of Independence Day (Roland Emerich’s), this movie is about global warming which triggers a new ice age. The earth’s climate suddenly changes bringing about a worldwide super storm which unleashes global weather disasters. Dennis Quaid cast as Jack Hall stars in the movie as a climatologist who attempts to save the planet from the impending weather disaster. Tornadoes are seen destroying Los Angeles while tidal waves are engulfing anything on their path in New York. On the other side of the planet in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperatures are getting incredibly lower leaving everything frozen solid.