My Favorite Movies From Space

Space movies are the closest to “being in the outer space”, in this time. There are so many good space movies that choosing some of them as favorites feel like we are doing something wrong to the films that we don’t choose. But without offending the other great films, these are my personal best 15 space films of all time. These movies are in no particular order. These are all more than great movies, these are great experiences.

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey -> This movie by Stanley Kubrik is one of the greatest movies of all times, in all genres. The movie is about history, technology, future and space travel to the moon and back. Great visuals and storytelling, and a spectacular concept of space.
  2. Star Wars (All of Them) -> It is impossible to leave any Star Wars movie from this list. All Of them will make you fall in love with space.
  3. Star Trek (All of Them) -> Every Star Trek movie pulls you into the space adventures of Kirk and Spock. One of the best epic science fiction fantasies.
  4. Moon -> This low budget independent film by Duncan Jones is simply amazing. Great effects and marvelous performances.
  5. Apollo 13 -> This movie movie by Ron Howard, is a genuine tribute to the crew to Apollo 13. This movie is truly a beauty.
  6. Elysium -> This Movie is based in the future of 2154 where extremely rich people live on space ships and the rest lives on desolated earth.
  7. Wall-E -> This is an animated film directed by Andrew Stanton. A robot dedicated to finding life on earth, has finally found it and brings a new hope to the whole of humanity.
  8. Avatar -> James Cameron’s another masterpiece, still is the highest grossing movie ever in the world. This movie is about humans studying another planet Pandora and its life.
  9. Gravity -> This is a visual treat by Alfonso Cuaron. This is the journey of astronauts after their shuttle has crashed. The movie is astounding with more than brilliant performances, cinematography, direction and everything.
  10. Serenity -> This is a story of spaceship crew who are trying to escape from an assassin. This a very good movie by director Josh Whedon.
  11. Prometheus -> The journey of a team through space in order to find the origins of mankind. Directed by Ridley Scott, this movie is worth watching.
  12. The Martian -> The story of an astronaut left alone on mars with nothing and how is survives is both highly compelling and visually stunning.
  13. Guardians of the Galaxy -> This kinda-superhero film set in the Marvel universe is an absolute delight. Lovable characters, great story and journey to amaze you.
  14. Armageddon -> This a gorgeous movie by Michael Bay. The Visuals of space are nothing less than a masterpiece. The amazing shots of this movie will make you want to go into the space.
  15. Interstellar -> The film is directed by Christopher Nolan. This alone is enough to prove the greatness of this film. Another film to leave you speechless in the end. This is surely one of the most remarkable films in the history of space movies.

There are so many movies left that the list won’t end. But these are the 15 best movies from my side. Go watch all of these movies. RIGHT NOW.

Happy Moving Watching!

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