My Favorite Movies About Weather

Hurricane Sandy is still clear among the residents of the East Coast of America. This is one of the worst disaster stories ever imprinted in their minds. There is nothing as frustrating like the fact that extreme weather can strike anytime and nothing can be done to stop it. Instead such weather conditions come destroy properties and leave the residents in a state of helplessness. The following is my brief compilation of my favorite movies about weather:

  1. Twister (1996)

Twister makes my top list of favorite movies about weather. It is about a divorced couple who decide to throw their research on a destructive path of a Twister which was a colossal tornado. One of the things I liked about the movie is how the theme “Twister” was developed. This is not only seen in the tornado but also in the relationship of the protagonist. The visual effects of the film are also amazing and beyond what you would have expected from a film shot a decade ago. Tornadoes are usually not popular outside the United States hence most people out there are not sure what they should do in the advent of one. Lucky enough, with the technical, visual and audio aspect of Twister, you get to live out that flight of imagination and stay alive.

  1. The perfect storm

The perfect storm stared by George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg is based on Hurricane Grace ( a dying tropical hurricane from Bermuda) which collided with the cold front from the great lakes resulting into 100 foot waves and force winds in the Atlantic ocean. This was what was later renamed as the “Perfect Storm.” In the movie, the unusual intense storm catches a group of six fishermen heading east unaware and puts them in a mortal danger as they struggle to get back home.

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  1. Volcano

The movie stared by Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche is about a volcano that suddenly erupts at the heart of the city of Los Angeles and threatens to clear everything in the city. Jones who casts as Mike Roark is the head of the office responsible for Disaster Management or any other Emergency. At the time of the disaster, Mike had taken a vacation and he is forced to return. It was not long before Lava started flowing into the streets of Los Angeles. Mike works diligently to ensure that the Lava does not flow into the streets of Los Angeles. Instead, he guides the residents in obstructing and guiding it into the ocean. The creators of this movie make use of special effects of the larva to make it more thrilling and fascinating.

  1. The Day after Tomorrow

Produced by the creator of Independence Day (Roland Emerich’s), this movie is about global warming which triggers a new ice age. The earth’s climate suddenly changes bringing about a worldwide super storm which unleashes global weather disasters. Dennis Quaid cast as Jack Hall stars in the movie as a climatologist who attempts to save the planet from the impending weather disaster. Tornadoes are seen destroying Los Angeles while tidal waves are engulfing anything on their path in New York. On the other side of the planet in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperatures are getting incredibly lower leaving everything frozen solid.

My Favorite Movies From Space

Space movies are the closest to “being in the outer space”, in this time. There are so many good space movies that choosing some of them as favorites feel like we are doing something wrong to the films that we don’t choose. But without offending the other great films, these are my personal best 15 space films of all time. These movies are in no particular order. These are all more than great movies, these are great experiences.

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey -> This movie by Stanley Kubrik is one of the greatest movies of all times, in all genres. The movie is about history, technology, future and space travel to the moon and back. Great visuals and storytelling, and a spectacular concept of space.
  2. Star Wars (All of Them) -> It is impossible to leave any Star Wars movie from this list. All Of them will make you fall in love with space.
  3. Star Trek (All of Them) -> Every Star Trek movie pulls you into the space adventures of Kirk and Spock. One of the best epic science fiction fantasies.
  4. Moon -> This low budget independent film by Duncan Jones is simply amazing. Great effects and marvelous performances.
  5. Apollo 13 -> This movie movie by Ron Howard, is a genuine tribute to the crew to Apollo 13. This movie is truly a beauty.
  6. Elysium -> This Movie is based in the future of 2154 where extremely rich people live on space ships and the rest lives on desolated earth.
  7. Wall-E -> This is an animated film directed by Andrew Stanton. A robot dedicated to finding life on earth, has finally found it and brings a new hope to the whole of humanity.
  8. Avatar -> James Cameron’s another masterpiece, still is the highest grossing movie ever in the world. This movie is about humans studying another planet Pandora and its life.
  9. Gravity -> This is a visual treat by Alfonso Cuaron. This is the journey of astronauts after their shuttle has crashed. The movie is astounding with more than brilliant performances, cinematography, direction and everything.
  10. Serenity -> This is a story of spaceship crew who are trying to escape from an assassin. This a very good movie by director Josh Whedon.
  11. Prometheus -> The journey of a team through space in order to find the origins of mankind. Directed by Ridley Scott, this movie is worth watching.
  12. The Martian -> The story of an astronaut left alone on mars with nothing and how is survives is both highly compelling and visually stunning.
  13. Guardians of the Galaxy -> This kinda-superhero film set in the Marvel universe is an absolute delight. Lovable characters, great story and journey to amaze you.
  14. Armageddon -> This a gorgeous movie by Michael Bay. The Visuals of space are nothing less than a masterpiece. The amazing shots of this movie will make you want to go into the space.
  15. Interstellar -> The film is directed by Christopher Nolan. This alone is enough to prove the greatness of this film. Another film to leave you speechless in the end. This is surely one of the most remarkable films in the history of space movies.

There are so many movies left that the list won’t end. But these are the 15 best movies from my side. Go watch all of these movies. RIGHT NOW.

Happy Moving Watching!

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My Favorite Movies About Travel

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a travel movie, and while the credits were accumulating, thought to yourself “How can I travel there right now?” Movies are a great way of inspiring, motivating and bringing to light some places in the world that are extremely unique.

My favorite movies make me travel to some distant places in an instant. When I am in my state of mind to explore the world but I can’t manage due to numerous obligations, I settle for the next great thing – grabbing my laptop computer, selecting any of my cherished travel movies and simply clicking “play.”

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is the movie I always watch when I am in the mood for visiting Rome. I’ve watched it several times and I am pleased with how the characters and the city itself lure me into returning there. Each and every scene is simply unforgettable. By all means, I’ll cherish my visit to Rome in memory as long as I stay alive.

Spanish Steps and Boca da Verita are highlighted in the movie. Isn’t that scene lovable? It’s very unfortunate that dating couples no longer behave like that, do they? Anytime I arrive in Rome, the first place I always think of visiting is the Mouth of Truth, but when I reach there, the long queue of art lovers and Roman holiday fans makes me back out. Ah, maybe at a future time.

Notting Hill

I’ve visited London several times but I’ve never been to Notting Hill. This movie has won my heart! Over and over, it’s not just the characters but also the location that makes me wonder how it feels to be in Notting Hill.

Everytime I go to London, I make it a requirement to visit bookstores, and particularly the small, unconventional ones just like William Thacker, Hugh Grant’s character had. I always can’t wait for the park scene where Hugh grant says, “whoopiedaisies.” I also love the bench (I wonder if it really exists)! Anyway, Notting Hill lured me into purchasing a bench! So, if you want to enjoy the London spirit, this is a movie to watch again and again.

The Sound of Music

This is one of my favorite movies about travel. I never get tired of watching each and every scene! Oh fine, when I was growing up, I would constantly skip the “Climb Every Mountain” section but I have leaned to enjoy it now.

All of the locations in the movie, starting with the opening scene always leave me breathless. Alright, Salzburg is really glorious! The Mirabell Gardens, Baroque Churches, the snow-covered mountains plus the songs never cease to amaze me. By the time the movie is coming to an end, I am in the mood to quickly pack my luggage, catch the next flight to Austria and travel through Europe from there!

To be honest, listing all the best travel movies that have ever been created is impossible because it simply depends on one’s taste. So keep it civil and fair, if there are other amazing travel movies besides this list, please watch them. I know that the list is very huge but would love to hear what your favorites are.

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My Favorite Movies About Nature

Many are the times that we want to watch old movies and you feel that your brains will just blow out of your head out of boredom. However, this article will help you know My Favorite Movies about Nature. If you love nature and science, or you just want a little extra knowledge about nature, you will get the movies that talk about that here.

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972).
This Movie is one of the movies that will give you an experience you would otherwise not get to see anywhere else. The film takes you into the Andes region in the middle and south America and exposes you to great faces and images. This haunting masterpiece is ageless. The crew aboard a raft are trying to get to the Gold City, El Dorado city. The movie takes you on a mesmerising journey into the depth of madness focusing primarily on the mood setting, images and the atmosphere. when you first see this film, the costumes and the effects seem amateur, however, you later realise that they make it superior. It also adds to the authenticity and the artistry of the movie.

127 Hours (2010)
This movie features a true story of a mountain climber, Aron Ralston, in his adventure to save himself after a boulder fell and crushed his arm and trap him in a canyon in Utah. Throughout his five-day journey, he examines his life and also recalls his family, friends and also lovers and other two hikers he met before the accident.

Koyaanisqatsi (1982).
When you watch this movie, you have to take for yourself what Koyaanisqatsi means, others will take it as an environmental film and others would be moved deeply with it. The movie looks at the world and in specific the effect of man on the environment and landscape. The film portrays the world in a pristine condition and untouched endless vistas, beautiful landscapes and the blue skies, without narration. This artificial world is much less appealing. This movie is one of the richest regarding cinema experience anyone would possibly wish to have.

The Grey (2011).
Six oil workers are led by one skilled huntsman, John Ottway, into the wild for survival after their aeroplane crashed in Alaska on their way home. However, a pack of wolves haunts their every step. Only seven of them survive after the pack of wolves attacked them one by one. This movie is realistic in a setting filled with the real threats facing real people. It is also invigorating to see the theme play out well in the Alaska wilderness rather than a world of zombies or a space ship, in a sense, this movie is realistic. You will like this film if you are after a good acting in a scenic with lots of other scaring moments.

The 11th Hour (2007).
As the economy expands, it comes with pollution with it. This movie points out the current status of the earth and the actions that will revive it. It provides a basis for the education needed to make the necessary changes to get a healthy planet. It provides a distress call for the future of our world and also for the environment. It is the best movie that educates on the social responsibility and gives the feasible options to avert the global climate change.

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My Favorite Movies About Ecology

Ecology is a scientific field that focuses on how organisms interact with each other and also with the environment. For a long time, filmmakers have explored diverse environmental themes such as the disastrous results of resource mismanagement by man and fictitious ecological change on global or local scales due to human behavior. At times these themes form the core of the movie’s story. The best ones are where such aspects underlie a gripping narrative that discusses personal relationships, enriches our view on the human experience or challenges our perceptions about life. Here is a list of my favorite movies about ecology.

Sky Blue

This is a stunning, post-apocalyptic animated film(or anime) made in Korea that took seven years to make. It is set in the year 2142, and the earth’s atmosphere has been destroyed. An elite minority lives in Ecoban- a high tech city-and is served by the rest of the people who toil in the wasteland. This sets the stage for an explosive redistribution of wealth.

An Inconvenient Truth

This is arguably the most controversial film about the environment. It highlights Mr. Al Gore’s personal and lifelong commitment to reversing global climate change and interweaves it with the science behind global warming. This film presents a forthright case for supporting reduction of global warming, and yet it appears to polarize people on the topic. While it was tagged by some as unimaginative and boring, it is undeniably influential when it comes to discussing ecology and environmental sustainability.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

In this film, actor Keanu Reeves plays an alien who visits planet earth and judges humanity for harming and endangering other species we live with. The impeding retribution is however moderated by sentimentality between the antagonists.

The Cove

This film follows the efforts of Richard O’Barry (trainer of dolphins in the ��Flipper’ television series) to free dolphins held captive. He goes to a small town in Japan where people drive dolphins into a cove and either kill them for meat or sell them to aquariums. This film won an Oscar award, but it is not for the faint-hearted.


In this awe-inspiring epic, acclaimed film director James Cameron creates a stunning and vast alien world in which humans can study themselves. One outstanding and revolutionary stroke was to portray a US-army-like force that works under mining companies as the villain while an indigenous people who lead a simple and natural life as the heroes. It depicts the battle to save a mystic and mighty tree from falling at the hands of a greedy, vicious and militarized corporation. This mirrors our real world where the last natural places are getting torn by machines, piece by piece. The film was a critical success and was watched by a global audience of billions. It underscores the message that the time to take action against environmental destruction has come.


This is a visionary, hilarious and outstanding film by Walt Disney. It portrays an apocalyptic future with endless mountains of garbage, completely devoid of any life except an adorable and entertaining cockroach.

Erin Brockovich

This is a notable example of the genre of crossover environmental movies. It has an outstanding script and it is essentially a film about a malicious company contaminating the water supplies of a local community. Actress Julia Roberts delivers a smashing performance-so much so that it is not obvious to many moviegoers that the movie is basically about environmental advocacy.

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